ICBC Counselling

Do You Need Counselling As A Result of a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Common struggles as a result might be:

  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Depression
  • Fear of Driving or travel
  • Self-esteem
  • Past Trauma Activation
  • PTSD

All British Columbians injured in a motor vehicle accident can receive rehabilitation and medical services for their injuries from ICBC. They cover things such as:

  • Medical and wage loss benefits
  • Homemaking benefits
  • Funeral expenses and death benefits.

ICBC will pay Accident Benefits to most occupants of a BC-licensed and insured vehicle in Canada and the United States. Accidents that occur out-of-province may be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

How ICBC Counselling Works

  1. After receiving your claim number
  2. Book an appointment with one of our approved ICBC counsellors
  3. You will have 12 weeks approved without a doctor's note.  Please note if it has been longer than 12 weeks since the accident you may need a doctor's note to start counselling.
  4. If you need longer, we can apply for an extension and you may need a doctor's note.

ICBC Approved Counsellors

Michelle Carchrae RCC

Michelle's Bio

Alisa Chirpicinic RCC

Alisa's Bio