Turning Point Therapy Provides Couples Counselling

Counselling for partners throughout Vancouver, Lower Mainland and BC.

Relationship Challenges We Have Helped Overcome

Constant arguing and hurtful exchanges
The same issues keep coming up with no progress
Communication leads to more misunderstandings
You have lost your closeness and connection
Infidelity and mistrust
Discussions escalate into proving who is right or wrong
Lack of intimacy and sex life
You think about ending the relationship or fear your partner will
Parenting difficulties
Boundaries with extended family
Avoidance of conflict
Resentment keeps building
Lack of repair

    Is Your Relationship in Trouble?

    We Welcome Partners Who Identify As

    Lesbian, gay, bi-, queer, and questioning
    Cis, non-binary, trans-gendered, or gender nonconforming
    Polyamorous, consensual-non monogamy, kink
    Monogamous, cross-cultural, 

    Our counsellors provide clear, experienced guidance to help you create a loving, fun, and intimate partnership.

    At Turning Point Therapy, we are guided by and trained in several therapy approaches, and we continue to stay updated on research about what works in our relationships today.   These include;

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    Unsure About Couples Counselling?

    Partners often fear that the counsellor will take sides, and the conflict in your relationship will escalate in couples counselling.  Or you may be worried that your partner may talk about things you are not ready for.

    At Turning Point Therapy, we support both of you so that you can talk honestly and get to meaningful things between you.

    Couples report that in couples therapy, they have been able to talk more intimately and feel safer discussing complex topics, and they have changed destructive patterns.

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    Meet Our Couples Counsellors

    Delyse Ledgard RCC

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    Tamsen Simon RCC

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    Alisa Chirpicinic RCC

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    Jodie Read RCC

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    Michelle Carchrae RCC

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    Aron Buky-Tompa RCC

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