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Providing Trauma Counselling in Vancouver and BC

Considering trauma counselling takes courage.  It can feel incredibly vulnerable.  This is the nature of facing the impact of trauma and the parts of us that we had to hide away to cope with it.

So getting this far deserves a medal. It is our mission to provide whatever support you need to be here with us and begin that journey.

When you experience trauma, abuse, or neglect when you are young, the consequences run deep. You have fewer inner resources to deal with the impact, which can lead to unhealthy ways of dealing with the pain, such as addictions, self-harm, destructive relationships, and isolation.

Our goal is to provide you with attention, acceptance, and presence so that you can process traumatic experiences and restore your resilience. 

At Turning Point Therapy this is where we start, with you, listening deeply, curious to understand, and guiding a way through.

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What people are saying about our work

Aron has challenged me in ways I never imagined. I do not normally seek out the influences that Aron brings into his practice, but he is empathetic, intelligent, patient, and unbelievably witty in the most unexpected moments. I have found new ways to work through the toxic habits that worked to derail my life. I came into therapy after previous attempts both skeptical and beat down, but Aron’s perspective and therapeutic approach has worked wonders for me. I am more patient, accountable, calm, and understanding towards myself and those around me. For the first time in my life I feel like do not need to be ashamed of who I am while continuing to grow for myself those around me. Others who I have hurt or pushed aside have noticed a profound change in my overall mood and being. I am proud of the steps I have taken and Aron has helped me reach my goals. I plan to continue seeing him to keep me on track while learning more about my way of being. Thank you Aron. Finding the right therapist is hard but I think I have found someone right for me at this point in my life.

I have been seeing Ella for over 6 months now and highly recommend her as a counsellor. She is a spectacular listener and genuinely cares about her client's well-being. She helped in see my story with a whole new perspective.

She has this unique ability to slow you down during sessions and help you connect with your true feelings and authentic self.

Though I still have a lot more healing to do, I am confident I will get through the other side with her help. I already feel like a whole new person with a whole new life ahead of me.

I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life. 🙏🏽

"The roots of resilience are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other."
Diana Fosha

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This is really important. We don't match you to a counsellor because it has to be your choice.

That is what is mean't by a good fit.  The foundation for therapy is a relationship and when a relationship is the most beneficial, it is when we have chosen to be there.  It is no different in therapy.

We provide you with support to make that decision in the following ways.

  • Information on choosing a counsellor
  • A team of counsellors with different styles and approaches.
  • Counsellors BIO's to provide you with information.
  • Up to 2 free consultations to help you decide.
  • If it still doesn't feel right - you can choose a different counsellor.
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Types of Trauma You May be Struggling with

Most of you may understand trauma as events where your life is threatened. These might include;

  • Assault/ Witnessing violence/death
  • Car Accidents
  • War 
  • Natural Disaster
  • Surgery/birth trauma
  • Sexual Assault/
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child abuse
    and neglect

Trauma is defined as any event that overwhelms your nervous system. Depending on your age and choices at the time, many experiences can be traumatic because they cause similar effects on your nervous system where we feel powerless, overwhelmed, or confused. Here are a few that you may not associate with having a traumatic effect.

  • End of relationship/friendship
  • Bullying
  • Victim of gossip
  • Victim of discrimination
  • Workplace stress, harassment, job loss
  • Moving or significant change in circumstances
  • Illness
  • Living with ongoing criticism and contempt

How Do I Know I Need Trauma Counselling?

The truth is most struggles in life have roots in some kind of trauma.  Which isn't to say every hardship is trauma.  From our point of view, trauma affects people's responses to the way they manage things. So if you find yourself repeatedly managing some parts of your life through strategies and ways that end up disconnecting you from yourself or other people, there is a good chance this is influenced by trauma. Because that is overall how trauma affects us.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need 'trauma counselling'.  However, you can rest assured that our therapists can address underlying experiences that were traumatic if you find yourself coming up against that in the course of therapy.

It is best to think of it in layers. We start with the layer you are most concerned about. Even if you are aware of an event/s in your life and you think you need to address it, trying to go there immediately is likely to find yourself bumping up against the layers of protection and avoidance that are common.

So, whether you are struggling with relationships, depression/anxiety, self-esteem, important decisions, or emotional overwhelm.  The main considerations are going to be do I need to work on myself, or on my relationship (couples counselling) as a place to start and then who do I want to work with.

Here are a few things that we strive for in providing Trauma Counselling

  • You decide what you want to share and when.
  • We address material that is tolerable.
  • You are not alone in your experience.  We walk alongside you.
  • We seek to be in collaboration with you. To invite you into the process as a fellow traveler.
  • We work from many approaches to find what works for you.
  • We see your difficulties and struggles as ways of managing the world, NOT that you are the problem. 

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Trauma that goes unresolved can diminish your ability to deal with further stressful, traumatic events. This can lead to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD.  When we have unresovled trauma in our system we have a tendency to under-react to what is abnormal (rage, abuse, neglect) and over-react to what is normal (misunderstandings, being late, emotions, not being heard).

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