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We are a private practice clinic that has provided counselling in Vancouver and BC for the past 30 years.  We provide therapy based on a holistic approach to who we are and honour the many different ways we are as human beings. Our principles of anti-discrimination, relational, and non-pathology support therapy that helps you find your way to your vitality, self-love, and compassion.  We believe therapy can change our relationship with ourselves to one that is free of the fear and shame that we carry as a result of trauma.

We are a team of Registered Clinical Counsellors and Interns specializing in trauma counselling and relationship counselling.

Our low-cost program is provided by our interns.


The essence of transformation and change starts with awareness. An awareness of how we are experiencing something leads to more long-lasting change.  This involves more aspects of ourselves than an intellectual insight. For this reason our work centers on this experiential focus.

 From this perspective, the focus is on the present moment, mindfulness, and a holistic experience (mind, body, and spirit). Our past experiences are alive in the present moment so that we can access our emotions, sensations, movement, reactions, and behaviour that are part of the memories we hold.  Neuroscience research also informs us that emotions are key to integrating new information and therefore key to any transformational experience.

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We have 2 main offices in Vancouver and Delta.  Additional offices for in-person sessions are available in Kitsilano and North Vancouver.

We provide in-person and online counselling for individuals and couples/partners.  The following are some of the challenges our clients face.

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