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Relationship Skills Workshop

Who is it for?

Group for poly and consensual non-monogamous folks to come together to learn relationship skills.

This is not a workshop to learn the how-to's, philosophy, or introduction to being in an open relationship.

It will be an examination of what gets in the way of good communication and negotiation with partners.

Good communication and relational health require good boundaries and self-esteem. You will learn how these two processes interact and identify what your tendencies are.

We will explore the various aspects of reactivity in conflict and negotiation.

We work from the perspective of Relational Life Therapy by Terry Real for most of what we address in the workshop.

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When are we aiming for?

January/Early Feb 2024

Location Downtown Vancouver.

In-person workshop!

Approximately 12 - 15  spaces.



Delyse Ledgard RCC

Counselling, counsellor, RCC

Tamsen Simon