Video Selection From Delyse's Youtube Channel.

Making Sense with Delyse

Making Sense of Relationship and Mental Health struggles without the focus being that there is something wrong with you.

It is important for me to understand relationship dynamics because relationships are the main context in which we learn about ourselves and the world. When we can understand the contexts of our lives and how they have shaped us we can let go of the constraints this has had on our lives.

I hope you will join me in this exploration of making sense of our struggles together. I am aiming to put out a video a week with content on all sorts of relationship and mental health struggles. 

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It feels so shameful to feel needy that we often desperately try to hide it and then people in our lives feel it indirectly.

In Part 1 we discuss what the experience of being needy is like and how it develops.

Our need for connection as adults is associated with a need for attention as children. Neglect creates associations of negative beliefs about self that are associated with not having attention and a lack of satisfaction.

Do you struggle with being needy? Do you long for attention and connection from those around you and feel bad about it?

In this video, Delyse talks about 3 ways you can start to work on changing this and actually begin to have more satisfaction and connection in your life.

Overprotective boundaries - walls.

Why do we have them, how do they affect our relationships and what can we do about them.

This video focuses on how this may develop around our feelings and the feedback loop we are in to keep them in place.

Healthy boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. This is a common issue for many couples, seeking couples counselling can help.