Pronouns She/they

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Wednesday - Friday 10 - 4pm

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Therapeutic Focus

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Trauma/Spiritual Abuse and Trauma/Shame
  • Couples Work/Non-Traditional Relationships
    (Polyamory, Arranged Marriages/BDSM/Kink)
  • Gender Expression
  • Asexuality
  • Sex and Sexuality/Intersex/Sacred Sexuality
  • Relationship Issues/Infidelity Recovery/Intimacy
  • Parenting/Infertility and Pregnancy loss
  • Spirituality/Mindfulness
  • Spiritual Emergency
  • Psychedelic Integration
  • Dream Work

About Me

I’ve been doing some form of counseling in various settings for over 35 years. Initially, my practice had a spiritual orientation and a focus on couples and group work. I’ve worked with all ages, from children to elders, to try and gracefully navigate the joys and heartaches of daily life and live in harmony with Life and each other. Lately, I have also companioned people who are trying to integrate and embody their non-ordinary and psychedelic experiences. In support of this work I most recently completed a certificate in Psychedelic Research and Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

My approach to therapy is quite simple. Most difficulties arise between people, not within them.  When our interactions with our environment are troubled, we feel troubled. We are affected by each other. Harms that come to us through relationships can continue to echo in our lives until we find someone who will listen and care as we unburden our heart about what happened. When we can precisely grieve those losses in the safety and privacy of the therapeutic relationship, we may find our stuck places give way to more personal and relational freedom, vitality, and courage. I work in solidarity with people to create mental, physical, emotional, and relational environments for themselves that support their well-being and allow them to thrive. My client is the expert on themself and I am their enthusiastic student. I follow my client and let them teach me what it's like to be them. Together, we imagine and embody new ideas, feelings, and ways of seeing things. The changes that take place in the therapy room ripple out into the world. This conscious and confidential relationship of care and attention is fired by real human connection. I bring all of myself into our relationship and invite you to do the same. I would love it if you found therapy a place where you can deeply relax. I don’t have an agenda for you. I want for you what you want for yourself. I want to be your ally.

I am also happy to work with couples as they navigate how to love, listen, speak up for themselves and communicate honestly. Just as a healthy garden displays biodiversity, I find that my life is enriched by diversity. I celebrate wildly diverse expressions of personality, thought, belief, gender identity, sexuality, and relationship expression. I want to support the unique gift of who you are and collaborate with you in building a world for yourself that supports a relaxed, authentic, and connected you. It's my hope that my clients will feel thoroughly welcomed by me.

I am currently exploring Internal Family Systems Therapy and Relational Life Therapy (RLT). I love RLT because it gives tools to couples to learn how to cherish each other. It aims for a deep and vital connection between people, not just patching up difficulties. It inspires me.

In theoretical orientation, I take inspiration from the work of Steven Hayes (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Carl Rogers (Person-Centered Therapy), Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Milton Erikson, Irvin Yalom, Stan Grof (Holotropic Breathwork), R. D. Laing and Andrew
Feldmar (Radical Therapy).

I love having my hands in the dirt, creating fertile soil. I like to walk my dog, listen to music, and take in the beauty of the world around me. Being a mom, a gardener, and caring for the people I love are the most important things in my life.