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My Approach

Rani brings over fourteen years of clinical experience to support individuals and couple’s through challenging times. She believes that all behaviour has a purpose, and all pain has meaning, and that healing and change is not only possible, but healing into more freedom, is what life is constantly asking of us. Equilibrium comes when we are open to uncovering what lies beneath the surface of stuck places or conflict. Over time, we begin to feel more and more whole.

Rani uses attachment based, somatic relational therapies to support her client’s to let go of unhealthy patterns and behaviours, in a space that leaves them feeling safe and nurtured. These deep patterns are often rooted below the conscious ‘everyday’ mind, and she will help name and access these deeper patterns, their underlying needs, supporting the client to have a new and nourishing experience of what is possible, changing old neural pathways. She fine tunes her approach so that it is just right for each person, allowing the individual’s somatic wisdom to be the guide.

She obtained her Masters in Counselling from the University of Victoria in 2008. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC. Rani is passionate about the intersection of counselling, the body’s wisdom, and spirituality to break through stuck places. She has spent over two decades training in both eastern wisdom practices like meditation and yoga, as well as western, evidence based psychotherapies, including Hakomi and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

Rani loves what she does because it is a deep way in which she connects with people, and accompanies them on a transformational journey that explores new ways of being that previously were not accessible. She continues to be in awe of of her client’s courage to share their pain, and she is humbled to witness her clients move from pain, into more freedom within themselves, and in their relationships with others.

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