Rachelle Buck


Why come to therapy?

Many people decide to come to therapy because they have heard a deep need
for healing or change, when the willingness to change becomes greater than the fear of change. But it’s often very scary or too difficult to face that pain alone, and so we look for a therapist who will be a good fit for us to move through it.

Why me as your therapist?

How I am with you as a client: I am an authentic, non-judgmental and curious
listener. I am grounded while I hold space safely and warmly for you with
empathy for your experience.

How I practice:

I practice collaboratively with you, in a relational and experiential way. In that safe space, I will encourage a deeper and more mindful experience for you. Somatic (or body-oriented) therapy forms the basis of my practice, so I will ask you to slow down in order to really feel what comes up in all aspects of your momentary experience. I believe that you have the answers and insights inside of you and inside your body, and simply need the space, care and attention to let that be known and heard.

My background:

I have worked in mental health and substance use for over a decade now, first as a nurse and then as a therapist. I’ve helped those individually and in groups, with various diagnoses and struggles that include trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and problematic substance use. Throughout my practice I’ve had many teachers, supervisors, colleagues and my own therapists guide me as I learn professionally and personally about the healing process. Some of my formal trainings include Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Mindfulness and Yoga Skills for Anxiety and Depression, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I have ongoing learning and informal training in interpersonal neurobiology and relational psychotherapy. All of this informs me on how to work with clients; however, the most important thing in therapy is developing a trusting relationship that works for you. Your goals and hopes for therapy will drive the process for our work together.