Michelle Carchrae RCC

Pronouns She/Her


Welcome! Seeking counselling can be something brand new or something you’ve done many times before, and it might be scary either way. Regardless of your history, I believe everyone has within them a drive towards growth and life that our work in therapy is focused on helping you reconnect with.  Working together in therapy can be a way to explore and understand yourself more deeply, and a safe place to practice new skills. Counselling can also be a space to talk things through, a space to heal deeply, and a space to learn new ways of being in relationship with yourself, others and the world. One of the things I love about counselling is that I get to be fully accepting of people just as they are when they walk in the door, and fully supportive of their efforts to change and grow. 

Credentials and Training

I have a Master of Counselling degree from City University of Seattle, and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. I also have additional training in nonviolent communication, interpersonal neurobiology, emotion focused therapy, focusing oriented therapy and internal family systems therapy. I am currently participating in ongoing certification programs for focusing oriented therapy and embodied experiential dreamwork, and a certificate program for applied internal family systems therapy through the Adler Graduate School’s Continuing Education Program in Toronto. 

Therapeutic Approach

My approach is focused on working to meet you where you are at, honouring the strengths that you bring with you and the ways that you have adapted to difficult or traumatic experiences. By gently inviting you to listen inwards for body sensations, feelings, thoughts and the overall felt sense of your experience, I hope to offer you an opportunity to develop a new relationship with yourself and your inner knowing. I also recognize that this inner experience can be intense and overwhelming at times, and I see myself as being in service to your experience of therapy as safe and effective. By witnessing and holding space for whatever arises in therapy, we can create new experiences that will become beacons in the dark. These experiences can rewire our brains to see the world as a place where safety and connection are possible.

Personal Background

Growing up I lived in several different cities and towns in BC and Alberta, and as a young adult I spent four years living in Ireland before moving back to Vancouver to raise my kids. I was involved in the attachment parenting movement and homeschooled my kids for several years. Parenting brought me up against my own stuff, which was getting in the way of living out the ideals I was committed to as a parent. This motivated me to begin therapy as a client, and opened the door to becoming a therapist. I’m still committed to participating in my own ongoing therapy as a client and to my self-care practices, such as exercise, contemplative group work, meditation and yoga. 

Michelle works in the Vancouver office.


Monday and Thursday 9 am - 2 pm

Online Sessions

Tuesday  2 pm - 8 pm