Michelle Carchrae


Approach To Therapy

Wholeness, flow and connection are part of our human birthright, yet so many of us feel stuck, disjointed and alone. Counselling is an opportunity to work together to create experiences of wholeness and connection that will become beacons in the dark. integration, healing and change are possible, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

As a counsellor, I see my role as a guide or midwife. I understand the counselling relationship as a sort of journey together to a place where you can discover your true self, the person who always exists underneath the effects of trauma and struggle. I will walk beside you in this journey and help keep you safe. I will listen deeply, be curious about your experience and genuine in our relationship.

I believe that a great deal of change can happen when we are able to have compassion and care for ourselves, a sense of connection with our bodies and the sensations that live there, and the ability to both understand how and why we become threatened and also notice and relax into the safety that exists in the present moment. These things are all skills that can be learned and developed with practice.

My Background

I am currently completing my Master of Counselling degree at City University. My background includes many years of attachment parenting, homeschooling and doing my own inner work as a client. When I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I knew I wanted to be a counsellor, and I also knew I wanted to be a hands-on, at-home parent. I decided to embark on parenting first, and found that parenting brought me up against everything I needed to work on in myself. Working on those things taught me what it’s like to sit in the client’s chair, and that pain and struggle are an invitation to transformation.   

Theoretical Orientation

I take a holistic approach to understanding a person and the struggles they find themselves in. I recognize the systemic oppression that exists in our society and my place within those systems as a cisgender white woman. I am informed by interpersonal neurobiology, non-violent communication, somatic approaches, internal family systems and mindfulness-based theories like acceptance and commitment therapy. I also view the mind and body as being interconnected, and believe that things like food, sleep, exercise and our physical environment have a significant influence on our overall health, including the way we think and feel.

Michelle will be working in the Vancouver office from June:

Tuesday 3pm - 8pm

Thursday 8 am - 2.30pm