Lo (Loretta) Laurin

pronouns they/she

Lo Laurin

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Monday 3 - 9 pm
Friday 3 - 9 pm

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My Approach To Therapy

The human experience can feel so messy and painful sometimes, but we don’t have to navigate it alone.

I take a holistic approach to therapy. This involves working together to support all aspects of yourself - thoughts, emotions, bodily feelings, relationships, and social/cultural contexts - to come into alignment and harmony. In my 15 years of teaching mindful movement, including rehabilitative yoga and pilates, I have come to see that our mind-body systems hold inherent wisdom and capacity for healing. In therapy, we can access this inner wisdom to help guide our way through some of the darkest challenges.

I take a client-centered, relational, and trauma-informed approach to care. And while the space I hold is compassionate and collaborative, I also provide guidance and perspective to support your growth when appropriate.

My own experiences of walking with grief and loss, chronic pain, and trauma have led me to this work. I hope to provide you with a gentle space where you can feel the safety and support needed to not only take the next steps along your healing journey but to thrive in your life.

It is an honour to walk alongside you.

As a couples counsellor, I welcome and celebrate all relationships including LGBTQIA2S+, polyamorous, and kink.

Theories Influencing My Approach

For individual therapy, I am primarily inspired by Internal Family Systems (IFS), which help us to understand and appreciate all the various parts of ourselves, bringing aspects of conflict back into harmony. I am also influenced by Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), which focuses on processing, regulating, and transforming emotional experiences. More broadly, my approach is influenced by somatics, social justice, and attachment theory. Somatic approaches incorporate the wisdom of the body in the therapeutic process, and social justice approaches our social and cultural environment. Attachment theory helps us understand how childhood relationship patterns affect how we react to things today and provides the opportunity to heal through new experiences of more secure (safe and loving) relational patterns. I am also a certified Life Coach, offering neuroscience-based solutions-focused techniques to help people visualize and work towards their dreams and aspirations when they are ready.

In couples therapy, I am primarily influenced by Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), which encourages the development of loving and safe emotional bonds. I am also influenced by Relational Life Therapy (RLT), which focuses on improving relationships and personal growth through exploring patterns of behaviour and communication. I have done level one training in RLT as well as the Gottman Method.

A Bit About Me Outside of Therapy

My full name is Loretta Laurin, but you can call me Lo. I was born and raised in the Vancouver area on the traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. My mother is a Chinese immigrant, and my father was Quebecois (French-Canadian). I have two older brothers, two sisters-in-law, and three nephews who I adore. I live collectively in East Van with two of my best friends and a cat.

I have worn a lot of different hats throughout my life and find myself touching many different community circles. I am always a student, with a thirst for learning, especially about relationships and communication. I thrive when I'm facilitating meaningful experiences for people. I also love dancing and outdoor adventures. If I am moving my body, in nature, and/or connecting with people I love, I am in my happy place.