Leticia Oliva-Cowel


About Counselling

Counselling is a personal and unique journey that can be enlightening, healing, liberating, empowering and transforming, but taking the first step in seeking help toward addressing painful issues that are hindering your well-being and happiness, is the hardest part.

I see counselling as a two-way dialogue in a compassionate, caring, and safe environment that can bring awareness, information and strategies based on personal interests and needs.  As a counsellor, I believe that all of us have an internal capacity for growth and
transformation, which usually occurs when we understand what is going on in our mind and body, working on our emotions and sensations.  In our collaborative relationship, we can explore any challenges you are experiencing, including traumatic experiences, anxiety, anger and relationship conflicts. Also, you will find support if you are struggling with life-changing stressors, feelings of disconnection, or just being stuck. The journey in finding answers for the matters that are important to you does not have to be alone, and we can do it together.

About Me

I am a student in my final year of the Master in Counselling Program at City University. My 15 years of experience are based on developing people and building relationships within diverse and multicultural communities, specifically in South America and with Indigenous peoples. In the last six years of my career as a helping professional, I have been working with traumatized and marginalized women, some with infants, who are impacted by substance abuse disorders combined with mental health issues. My passion for supporting and helping people presenting all sorts of issues, and witnessing their transformation in lifestyle, was pivotal in my decision to become a counsellor seeking specific education and training in trauma and substance use disorder. 

My Therapeutic Orientation

In my counselling practice, I take a philosophical stance, using social constructionist principles, client-centred and trauma-informed approaches based on trauma training. I use motivational interviewing techniques. If needed, I have a certificate in Addiction Counselling. I am also informed by solution-focused techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy, somatic therapy and collaborative therapy; thus, I welcome any inquires about using these approaches or just creating an opportunity for exploratory questions in a safe environment. I look forward to meeting you where you are at in our life, walking alongside in your journey, offering you tools and hope for you to move forward.