Jennifer Baker

Pronouns She/her


Video and in-person sessions

Monday 2.30 - 7.30 pm,

Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm

About Me 

Recognizing that every person has inherent value and worth, I bring an expectation of hope and the possibility for change to every conversation. At the foundation, my approach is relational and person-centered. When working with me, you can expect to be met with a kind, compassionate and gentle approach. 

Everyone is unique and brings their own constellation of experiences and wisdom, which is welcomed and celebrated.  Trauma and patterns of addiction are common experiences and having worked with people who have lived through severe trauma, we can work together to develop strategies for managing the impact of trauma on your life and dealing with the relational and emotional complexities.

Therapeutic Approach   

Believing in the importance of evidence-based treatments, I draw upon Internal Family Systems, and somatic approaches, and am informed by attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology. In simple terms, our present-day emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and relationships are all impacted by our past environments and relationships in which we were immersed. These experiences then lay the blueprint in our nervous system for how we experience our present life and relationships. The therapeutic approaches I draw on integrate emergent research on neuroscience and trauma in a way that is easily accessible and holistic. They also give us a way to explore how the past may show up in our present moment experiences and offer a practical way for us to reorganize these patterns.  

 I treat each person with respect and as the expert on their own lives. I believe that there is not a one-size fits all model, and my goal is to create a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment in which we can explore what you want to work through therapeutically.     

My Background   

I have had the privilege of working alongside people in recovery from trauma and addictions for the last 7 years. Specifically, I worked with people recovering from human trafficking, labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, sexual violence and assault, and various forms of violence and abuse. Currently, I am working with self-identified women and mothers in recovery from substance use in the Downtown Eastside.  Additionally, I am completing a Master of Counselling degree at City University.    

Through my work experience, I am familiar with the impacts of substance use and trauma and the many ways people try to manage the pain surrounding it. I have journeyed with many people as they work to find healing, integrate their experiences into their present life, and forge new patterns free from addiction. It has been a joy to witness the resilience, strength, and transformation of the community I walk alongside.