Ella Bolourian


My Approach to Therapy

Registered Clinical Counsellor #16546.
As you go along in life, do you find yourself switching between different moods and hijacked by so many contradictory feelings and impulses that feel out of your control or conscious awareness? You may wish to live life more fully and meaningfully while you find yourself inhibited or limited with struggles between your wish for involvement in ordinary life and fear of leaving the house, mistrust of relationships, or hopelessness about future. In dealing with these personal challenges, you may feel flooded and severely anxious, or in trying to disconnect or deny these responses, you may end up feeling chronically depressed and alienated from yourself.

At the heart of my work is the firm belief that despite these common challenges we are all hard-wired with self-righting tendencies and for overcoming obstacles that block our potential for growth and healing. In creating a safe and engaging therapeutic relationship with you, I simply become a catalyst for such exploration and change.

Through deep connection to your internal processes, we will cultivate ways to become mindful, bypass self-limiting emotional, somatic and behavioural patterns and undo the still present barring effects of past traumas on your daily life. With a clearer sense of connection to yourself and others, you will move forward with vitality in life. What emerges as a result of these profound neurobiological transformations is a state of calm, flow, connection, ease, confidence, self-compassion, and true self-being. Such state opposes chronic self-shame, depression, and anxiety.

My Focus:

I work with clients who present with different issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and chronic shame. The focus of my work and my specialty is however in helping clients with childhood traumas as I believe the root cause of losing the vital and authentic self within us. I think there is so much vitality and engagement when we connect with our core emotions and live our authentic self, however, childhood traumas and past experiences with our caregivers can lead to shutting down of parts of our true self that were not accepted by the people we needed the most as children. Dissociating from our trauma experiences and shutting down of the emotions that followed them function as a defensive strategy for survival especially in early years, while these earlier coping strategies can limit our connection to our true, peaceful and uncritical self and our joyful engagement with life, in later years.

Modality Orientation:

I believe each client is unique and each client has her or his concerns and needs. It is because of this uniqueness that I approach every session from several therapeutic approaches to meet the best interest of my clients. However, I have specialized training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a healing-oriented, attachment-based, affectively-focused mind/body mindfulness treatment that puts neuroscience and positive neuroplasticity into clinical action. Other modalities that inform my practice include Internal Family System, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Somatic Experiencing.

Background Information

I have been drawn to the field of psychology and psychotherapy my whole life. This immense interest led me to attain my Bachelor’s in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver ten years ago. I completed a Master’s in communication following a Masters of Counselling Psychology. My journey of psychotherapy training is lead by many years of experience in mental health sectors and extensive personal psychotherapy for myself. Also, for the last couple of years I have been collaborating with G.V. Counselling and Education Society for Families and led by my passion for neuroscience and child psychology, I have been offering parenting workshops to immigrant families. I feel blessed every day for having the opportunity to do work that is enriching and meaningful and that fuels my most profound passion. I am honored and humbled to serve every individual who comes through my door.

Ella is available to take new clients and works on Tuesday, and Wednesday Thursday. With evening appointments on Wednesday and Thursday.

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