In the following short video segments (5-10 mins) typically  questions about therapy will be answered.

When I began my own personal therapy back in the 80’s I did not understand what we were really doing, and I was too scared to ask. So most of the time I felt like I was doing it wrong, which just added to the shame that I felt about myself. Looking back I think some simple guidelines would have helped to ease this.

In many ways, the process is mysterious and what ‘works’ is as varied as there are types of people. However, having some understanding of this can be helpful. ¬†Even understanding that there is no ‘right’ way to be as a client, and that it is ok to question what your therapist is doing can make a huge difference to what you get out of the process.

There is a lot more information nowadays than when I started therapy – which is great. It is my commitment to add my thoughts to helping you understand what makes psychotherapy work for people, how as a client you can get the most out of it and understand why we might do/focus on certain things.

How is Talking to a Therapist Different from Talking to a close friend?


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What do I do as a client to engage in the process?
What makes a good therapist?
Why do we focus on the body and how do we do that?
Why is it important to focus on emotions?
What does regulation mean and why is that important to therapy?
What are the main differences between approaches?
When should I think about changing therapists?
Why can therapy be uncomfortable?