My perspective on Therapy

It is such an honour to be part of this process. Working with me you will find someone dedicated to connecting with you and supporting you towards a freer, more vibrant and authentic you! People find my presence to feel safe and grounded, attentive and responsive. I work to help you create the space within you and around you so that you have the time to integrate your experience. I am interactive and can challenge you, as well as, have the ability to listen deeply. Everyone who walks through my door I experience the excitement of discovering someone new and working together to heal the discouraged, disillusioned and betrayed parts you bring..

The goal is not to ‘cure’, but rather utilize the integration of therapeutic experience that increases your capacity to continue to live life on your terms and become whole.

Together we find what matters to you, to find your energy for life and connection to your true self. We will collaborate to increase your strength and resilience to deal with life’s uncertainty, frustrations, and disappointments. These painful experiences will at times come up in our lives and the more we can tolerate and move through them the easier life is.

My job is to create a safe space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Experience has shown me that techniques are tools within an ongoing process where human connection and understanding are the conditions for change.

To figure out what is getting in the way of living more fully takes slowing down, sensing into and reflecting on our experience to unravel the stuck-ness and habitual responses that have kept us from experiencing who we truly are. Defenses have developed to help us cope with our experiences (family, school, relationships, trauma), but so often cause problems in relationships and our ability to be at ease with everyday life.

Relationships are central to all our lives, and so an important focus is how we relate to others. These areas will come up at different times depending on what you want to focus on.

I am unable to take on new clients at this time. Please check back later.

I have 30 years of experience in the counselling field and have been in private practice since 1996. My orientation integrates into a relational mind-body approach that seeks to create a space for you to move towards wholeness.

Despite many years of experience, it is important to me that I continue to learn and develop my skills. One of the wonderful things about this work is that it is always evolving, and I learn new things every day. I continue to study, attend training and engage in personal therapy to continue to develop my practice.

In particular, I follow Relational Life Therapy when I work with couples and increasingly incorporate Internal Family Systems into the work I do with individuals.

As a therapist, it is important to continue to work through my own issues from my life in order to be as clear and present as I can be to my clients. I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with experienced and skilled mentors. I know first hand what the experience of being a client is. I know that having a therapeutic space has been invaluable to me and look forward to being able to provide that for you.

I belong to the BCACC, and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor.
I am registered to take on clients with Crime Victims Assistance claims.

I live in North Delta, having moved here from England 30 years ago. I live with my husband. I like being with nature and feeling the expanse of big open spaces, spending time with close friends, and creative pursuits.

Delyse Works out of our North Delta location.

She is available for both video chat and in-person sessions.

You can book online.

Welcome to my YouTube Channel

I started this channel to promote content on relationships and mental health struggles that made sense of that in the context of what has happened to us.  Rather than what we call the disease model that sees emotional and mental challenges as something inherent broken in the person.

If this interests you I hope you will join me to make sense of this together.

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