Typical concerns therapists have:

  1. Ongoing development.
  2. Understanding of theory to practice.
  3. Counter-transference issues.
  4. Feeling stuck with a client.
  5. Burnout/compassion fatigue.
  6. Under/over-involvement with a client.
  7. Needing suggestions for interventions.
  8. Exploration of negative feelings about the work.
  9. Review of written material.
  10. Psychotherapy for personal struggles.


What I Offer

Experience – I have 30 years experience in counselling service agencies and private practice. Including social services (MCFD), sexual abuse counselling, addictions, transition houses, group homes for youth, and hypnosis and trauma work. 7 years working in EAP and working with individuals around work related issues, including health care professionals. Provided counselling instruction for 2 years at the Counsellor Training Institute, including supervision of students.

Training – I have training in counselling supervision with the Justice Institute and training on compassion fatigue and organizations with Dr Patricia Wilensky. I have trained with Andrew Feldmar, Ellyn Bader (couples Develomental Approach – Couples Institute), Sharon Stanley (Somatic Transformation). A lifespan approach to stress and trauma.), Richard Erskine (Integrative Psychotherapy).

Perspectives – In addition to my graduate training in counselling psychology I have integrated a number of approaches into the work I do. These include Gestalt, Object Relations, Jungian, Mindfulness, Somatic work, Couples Developmental Approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Somatic Transformation.

You can read more on my Approach to Therapy