Counselling Services

Individual Session

Couples Session

Intern Session

Fee Range for Associates

50 Mins - $136.50 - $157.50 incl GST  
75 Mins - $204.75 - $236.25 incl GST 

Fees are dependent on experience and training.

Fee Range for Associates

75 Mins - $204.75 - $252 incl GST  
100 Mins - $272 - $336 incl GST 

Fees are dependent on experience and training.

Individual 50 mins session - $50 incl GST

Couples 75mins - $90 incl GST

We have 2 locations.  Downtown Vancouver and North Delta. We offer in-person and video sessions.

Not sure who is a good fit?

We offer a free 30 mins consultation to meet any of our counsellors to check that out.


Funding Options (ICBC, CVAP and MNBC)


You will need to provide the following when you book an appointment:

  • Your claim number

  • Policy maximum number of treatments

  • Adjuster name

  • Adjuster phone number

  • Policy end date

  • Injury date

Our available counsellors on the right, are registered providers with ICBC. You can book now through our booking system. Please make sure you select the ICBC session and fill out the intake form before your appointment.  ICBC does not cover our full session fee. A co-pay fee will be charged to the client for each ICBC session, and the remainder of our fee we bill directly to ICBC.  This fee ranges from $12 - $28 depending on the therapist's regular fee. 

To apply for an ICBC claim for counselling

CVAP (Crime Victims Assistance Program)

If you have CVAP funding you will need to provide all claim details in the intake form before your first appointment.  CVAP limits compensation of counselling sessions to $80.00, therefore clients will be required to co-pay for the remainder of the session fee. Payment for the co-pay portion of the session will be required prior to your session. The fee ranges from $50 - $80 plus GST depending on the therapist's regular fee.

If you have been a victim of a crime and want to apply for funding

MNBC. (Metis Nation BC)

MNBC (Métis Nation BC) Ministry of Mental Health is providing mental health resources and support to Métis people in BC via the Métis Counselling Connection program. They are currently providing funding for up to 10 counselling sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

The program aims to: "address the effects of mental health issues, many of which are deep-rooted in historic, systemic and ongoing racism, while also addressing the backlog of patients awaiting counselling, which has surged since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic" 

For more information please visit their website

Extended Benefits

If you have extended benefits that cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor then you will be able to claim your counselling fees with our Associates.  We provide receipts with the counsellor's RCC number on them so you can claim them back.  We are unable to provide direct billing. Please check with your provider to verify that they cover an RCC.

Please note our intern fees are not covered by extended benefits.

For more information on our Associates.

For more information on our Intern Counsellors and our low cost options.

For more information on booking a therapist contact our admin.