Turning Point Therapy Provides In-Person Groups and Workshops

Why Our Workshops are In-Person Only

We considered providing online groups.  After all, it is convenient, and many of you at first glance may think this would be easier.  However, after careful thought we decided to stick to our convictions and work with you in in-person groups.

We are of the mind that the extra effort of  attending in person and perhaps the vulnerability of face-to-face encounters will provide more therapeutic material and benefits. Here are some of them:

  • All aspects of being relational are experienced more fully.
  • Increases trust when we can experience all aspects of each other (visual, hear, sense someone's warmth, eye contact).
  • We can provide better feedback and direction in small groups.
  • It is harder to disconnect from each other and the experience.
  • We can have more fun and laughter together.

New 6 session Mindful Self-Compassion Group

Sunday's 12.30 pm - 2 pm. Starts June 30th.

By Donation (Suggested $10 per session)

For More Information and Registration

 4 Session Group On Building Relationship Skills

Wednesday evenings 6 pm - 8.30 pm
16th October 2024 - 6th November

Weekly Process Group

Starting in November 2024
Information Coming soon

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Delyse Ledgard RCC


I have been interested in understanding connections and relational dynamics since I began my career over 30 years ago.  I have extensive experience in facilitating groups and teaching courses. I bring this experience to these groups that are close to my heart.  I believe that our relationships and ability to be relational are incredibly important to our well-being and satisfaction in life.  We are not taught the skills to have healthy relationships and it is my mission to bring those skills to as many people as possible.  Groups are one way of doing that.

I have trained in several relationship therapy approaches and when I came across Relational Life Therapy so much resonated and made sense.  RLT has changed my relationships and provided a clear way of understanding how our past impacts us, how to take steps out of the negative cycles and learn the skills necessary to create trust, understanding, and partnership in all our connections.  I want to provide that for you.

Tamsen Simon


As a white, able-bodied, non-binary person, I am constantly investigating my privileges and ways of being. I am polyamorous and have been partnered for over 20 years. I hope to debunk the myths and prominent cultural beliefs that disrupt intimate connections and work with those seeking skills for relational intimacy challenges.