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“Health and illness are not random states in a particular body or body part. They are in fact an expression of an entire life lived… a web of circumstances, relationships, events and experiences" – Gabor Mate

Therapeutic Approach

Like seeds, we carry the wisdom we need to grow. As we work together, I’ll support you to create the conditions you need to thrive.  Recognizing that you are navigating your own unique ecology, I believe that change happens in connection with your true self and in relationships. I will strive to meet you where you are and to honor your own expertise and agency. I see you as your own healer and myself as a co-facilitator of your process. So, it’s my aim to be a conduit to help you find and access your own innate wholeness. In our work together, we can explore meaning and integrate your experiences, as well as discover new possibilities and options for you.Our relationship will be rooted in respect and compassion for every part of you. When working with me, you can expect me to bring a grounding presence and a desire to co-create an environment of trust and safety.

In my work with you, I will use approaches that focus on the ways your experience has affected your sense of self, relationship patterns and coping strategies.  This includes a 'parts' perspective (IFS) where every repetitive reaction and response to the world developed to manage something that happened to you. In this way, it has value even though it may be creating difficulty in your life. We will work to slow down and turn towards these parts (reactions) to work through how they carry the effects of the past and connect with their true value.
In addition, I use approaches that help focus on the body as well as the mind and work to create a safe relationship with me so that you can relax into your experience to connect with yourself in a new way.


I have over 8 years of experience working with individuals and families in child and family services and in post-secondary education. Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience working with youth dealing with suicide ideation and survivors of abuse and sexual violence.
My former work was in the Downtown Eastside with youth and families experiencing complex and developmental trauma, incarceration, substance use and homelessness. In my current work, I support adults navigating university alongside foster care, intergenerational trauma, disability, neurodivergence, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other mental health experiences.

I’m a Registered Social Worker (#12674) with the BCCSW, hold a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and am currently completing a Master of Social Work at UBC with a clinical counselling focus.

About Me

I grew up with a single mom in a diverse, low-income neighbourhood surrounded by families living on the margins of society. This made me curious about the external factors that affected my community and how it shaped our internal experiences. A desire to transform the
circumstances of my life and those around me drew me towards psychology and social work. I also integrate an attachment-based and strength-based lens. Together, these perspectives have informed a holistic approach to my practice. After several years of psychotherapy, I understand the courage it takes to face difficult truths and value my personal inner-work as an ethical duty of care for my practice. Adversity and resilience have taught me that personal healing is fundamental to collective healing. Outside of the session, I enjoy spending time in the forest, canoeing, meditation and martial arts.