Choosing a Counsellor

Choosing a counsellor may seem like a daunting task especially if you are already feeling nervous and vulnerable just deciding to take this step to seek therapy.

We understand this and hope that our process will make it easier.  On this page, we have tried to build a bit of a roadmap for starting you with one of our therapists and give you some things to think about as you choose.

There are three things that will be important in your decision.

  1.  Information you gather about the therapist.
  2.  How you feel in their presence.
  3.  Does their style/approach work for you?


Each of our therapists has a bio page where you can begin to get some ideas of how they work, the training they have, and general life experience.  Take a look and see who you feel drawn to or interested in as you read their information.


Once you have researched this information and narrowed it down we offer up to 2 free 1/2hr consultations. In this way, you get to compare if there is more than one you want to check out before booking.

This can be an online/phone or in-person contact.  Think about some questions you might ask to get a sense of them and how you feel in their presence. We usually know pretty quickly if we feel comfortable in someone's presence even if we feel nervous.  Here are some questions you might ask but are not limited to.

What typically happens in one of your sessions?
How would you work with ________.
What is your availability?
I need someone who _____, is this you?
Do you think people can change and how does therapy help?
How might you challenge a client you are working with?

These questions may spark others that you have.

Style and Approach.

    Counselling is based on a relationship and like all relationships some fit and some don't.  With so much information on the internet about what different approaches can do for you it can be hard to know what fits.  Here at Turning Point Therapy, we believe that you can learn something from any approach and there is no particular approach that is right for say, trauma or depression, despite what your Doctor or friend might say.   Most of our therapists work from a combination of approaches they have been trained in and fit for them and their style.  All of our therapists have experience working with trauma of various kinds.  Some have training in working with couples and families.

    Having said you can learn from any approach, at Turning Point Therapy we tend to work from approaches that fit into an Experiential and Relational focus. We engage in talking through things as well as times we are guiding an experiential process.

    It is important to work with someone whom you feel comfortable with and confident in their experience and from there does their approach make sense to you?

    When you are ready you can book directly through our online booking system or contact our admin for assistance.
    Choosing a counsellor