Do you struggle with wanting to feel normal?

Delyse Ledgard, RCCRelationships

I am not sure I have ever said ‘I want to feel normal.’  In fact, I think I have been one of those people at the other end of the spectrum who has made a point of being different and expressed my independence at every opportunity.  Being unique and authentic has been a lifelong task.  For me, it came from … Read More

Transformational moments

Delyse Ledgard, RCCTherapy process

When transformation happens, in some way, we transcend the limitations of who we are or how we are living and experience a kind of waking up to ourselves and life.  It can feel like a jolt into a new perspective or a series of moments where something has been slowly unfolding into our consciousness.  We can notice

Thoughts on being Depressed.

Delyse Ledgard, RCCEmotions

depression, anxiety,

We know what the experience of depression is.  When we are depressed our system shuts down. Our energy, our aliveness, our feelings, our motivation and creativity, and our will to truly live become muted and dampened.  We mostly shut down gradually and imperceptibly. There is a stuck feeling to being depressed.  Our feelings and thoughts come slowly and painfully.   Depression is … Read More