About Me:

Aron has worked in the fields of mental health and addictions for over 6 years. His work centres around the therapeutic power of the living relationship created in session, and uses the transformative power of a real human encounter to facilitate change.

My Approach

Most of the time, people come to therapy because of difficulties or trauma they experience in relationships with others, past and/or present. The best way to heal the harms caused by these relationships is through different and new experiences of relating to another person. Giving clients this very different experience is at the heart of what I strive to offer. It may sound simple, but it’s actually a very uncommon experience for many people.

My approach involves compassionate care and deep listening. I take what clients say seriously, while encouraging and showing them how to candidly and spontaneously share space together. This new way of relating allows for a new experience of honesty. Far from being threatening, judgemental, or critical, this honesty inspires clients to explore real undefendedness and genuine human connection. It opens up the possibility of fundamentally changing how clients relate to themselves through relating more openly with another and rewrite their stories in a new environment. Through this process of connection and conversation, clients learn how to fully inhabit their lives, feel safer with other people and themselves, and regain authority (‘authorship’) of their own being. This approach will be particularly helpful to you if you:

  • suffer from ongoing anxiety and interpersonal difficulties experience depression or feelings of meaninglessness
  • whatever gender you identify have been injured by negative masculinity,
  • self-confidence and lack of empowerment in your own life
  • have tried many things but continue to feel hopeless


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