Counselling for ADHD Folks

Many of our counsellors have experience and interest in working with folks that live with various developmental conditions such as ADHD and Autism.

As with any diagnosis, the human being is complex and unique and these processes lie along a continuum with some aspects affecting people more than others.  We recognize this and seek to work with our clients from a non-pathologizing perspective while recognizing the common ways neurodivergence can impact your life.


If you are here you probably have a pretty good idea about what ADHD is.

There is a lot of information available.  What it tends to point to is living with extreme ways of being often at both ends. For example, hyper-focus and being pulled in many directions are the extreme ends of attention. Another example might be related to empathy either high empathic sensitivity or a lack of understanding of other ppeople's experience.

Here are some typical signs that you might notice.

  1. Mental fatigue/Racing thoughts
  2. Sensitivity to criticism
  3. Anxiety/Restlessness
  4. Sleep disturbances
  5. Forgetfulness
  6. Lack of time awareness
  7. Difficulty with motivation
  8. Rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD): RSD is an emotional response that refers to an intense fear of rejection, criticism, or failure, which can lead to overwhelming feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety.

Here are some resources we recommend.

ADDitude Magazine.  Lots of information.

Embrace Autism.  Great for tests and basic information, particularly on the Autism spectrum, and also has standard tests for ADHD.

Jessica Mccabe's youtube channel HowtoADHD. Lots of practical and validating information about living with ADHD by someone who has ADHD. They have also just published a book.

Common Issues Addressed In Therapy


ADHD causes challenges around attention, following through on tasks, keeping track of time, impulsivity, and inability to initiate. This can be very challenging in relationships.  The person with ADHD are often in a dynamic where they are seen as not measuring up or feel irresponsible and shamed.  Counselling has proved effective in working with couples and individuals to manage these challenges and move toward compassion and acceptance.

Work/Study Life

Many people with ADHD struggle with time management, motivation, completing tasks, and doing mundane tasks.  We can see how this has consequences for trying to succeed in the educational and work structures that we currently have.  This can lead to increases in anxiety and depression.


Due to folks living for most of their life not being validated for their different way of experiencing life encounter a lot of messages that there is something wrong with them.  This can heighten your sensitivity to criticism and rejection which in turn re-inforces shame.


The relationship between trauma and ADHD is complex.  Having a neurodivergent brain can influence the way trauma is processed and can increase the effects of traumatic events.  For example, heightened sensitivity to rejection and criticism can increase shame and affect your self-esteem.  ADHD itself can be the target of relational abuse such as bullying or rejection. In other words, relational trauma and attachment difficulties can stem from both having ADHD and traumatic events.

Counselling Approach

Our approach is relational, collaborative and experiential.  What this means is that the foundation is built on a relationship that supports you to come as you are and be met as you are.  That we work together to find a way forward in your life that empowers you towards self-acceptance and compassion.  Your experience is what your therapist and you are here to connect with.  We accept and validate the diverse nature of the human existence.  ADHD lies along a spectrum of experiences and we seek to connect with yours.




Acceptance is often the main focus of therapy.  We are offer an alternative relationship based on healing the ways in which this world has tried to fit everyone into a normative mold.

We will work with you to gain Clarity about how things have affected you.  This may be your past experiences as well as present challenges.  Gaining awareness is the beginning of any move towards change.

We will work with you to create a life that works for you.