Delyse Ledgard RCC

pronouns she/her


North Delta Location

In-person and Video

Tuesday  9.30am - 8pm
Wednesday  12noon - 8pm
Saturday  10am - 4pm

My Approach

Working with me you will find someone dedicated to connecting with you and supporting you towards a freer, more vibrant, and authentic you! People find my presence to feel safe and grounded, attentive and responsive. I work to help you create the space within you and around you so that you have the time to integrate your experience. I am interactive and can challenge you, as well as, can listen deeply. I look forward to discovering every new person who walks through my door and working together to heal the discouraged, disillusioned, and betrayed parts you bring.

Things you might want to know about me.

I am a cisgender, queer-identified woman. I am a first-generation uninvited settler to these lands from the UK 30 years ago. My ancestry is European/UK.

Clinical Director/Counsellor/Intern Supervisor

I have specialized in trauma work from originally working as a social worker in child protection to training to be a psychotherapist. I utilize several approaches that work from a relational, somatic psychotherapy approach. I am a Certified Somatic Transformation Practitioner and incorporate Internal Family Systems into my work. Other influences include Gestalt, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy.

More Thoughts on Therapy

The goal is not to ‘cure’, but rather utilize the integration of therapeutic experience that increases your capacity to continue to live life on your terms and become whole.

Together we find what matters to you, to find your energy for life and connection to your true self. We will collaborate to increase your strength and resilience to deal with life’s uncertainty, frustrations, and disappointments. These painful experiences will at times come up in our lives and the more we can tolerate and move through them the easier life is.

My job is to create a safe space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Experience has shown me that techniques are tools within an ongoing process where human connection and understanding are the conditions for change.

To figure out what is getting in the way of living more fully takes slowing down, sensing into and reflecting on our experience to unravel the stuck-ness and habitual responses that have kept us from experiencing who we truly are. Defenses have developed to help us cope with our experiences (family, school, relationships, trauma), but so often cause problems in relationships and our ability to be at ease with everyday life.

Relationships are central to all our lives, and so an important focus is how we relate to others. These areas will come up at different times depending on what you want to focus on.

Experienced With:
  • Trauma
  • Family of Origin
  • Attachment struggles
  • Relationships
  • Couples Counselling
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • BPD
  • Self Esteem
  • Clinical Supervision

Working With Couples

Relationships are central to our lives and I have been working with couples for the past 20 years.  I have studied a number of approaches and the one that fits for me and I have found the most effective is Relational Life Therapy (RLT) by Terry Real. Changing dynamics in relationships takes determination and willingness to look inwards.  RLT helps couples to take an honest look at their behaviour with support and clarity.  I have been doing in-depth study and training in this approach for the past 5 years.  I am walking the same journey as you. I came from a family where there was no healthy role model of loving, engaged and intimate relationships.  I have had to address my own behaviour of overfunctioning,  love-addicted and defensive style of interacting to get what I need.  I know how hard it is to face what my part was and not blame the other person. I will work with you in a direct and empathic way with each partner to help you achieve your goals and look inwards.

What to expect.

The first few sessions will be about assessing what is going on between you now.  With an understanding that the past has brought you to this point, we will focus on what needs to change now.  To do this we address a number of examples of when you are both at your worst in detail so I can get a picture of how things play out between you.  This gives us a picture of where to start.  There may be times I am focused on working more with one person, in particular, to help change their behaviour.  Behind many of your worst behaviours is a need to protect yourself that leads to the behaviours below. There is a tendency to identify with protecting yourself and we often find it difficult to acknowledge the ways this is harmful to our relationship and our partner.  Or we may recognize that it is harmful and we want to change it but we don't know how.

Often couples who are ready to do this work find change occurs after a few sessions. Then the real work begins of working on a new relationship and working through the developmental issues they have brought in from their families and past relationships and practice new skills.

Another aspect of RLT  is the acknowledgment of discriminatory systems such as patriarchy and racism that  affects relationships between partners and teaches who is better than, more entitled and the preferred ways of doing things that represent the dominant culture.  As a result Men are often at a loss to know how to be intimate and relational, or women how to be assertive. Relationships today are still affected deeply by the imbalance of power that runs through our society on many levels.

We will address family of origin work and the relational wounds that affect gender roles and conditioning that has  been passed on.

We will also focus on developing skills that are missing to develop a loving and intimate relationship. In working on changing behaviour we are often working on boundaries, self-esteem, negotiation, giving feedback respectfully and successfully repairing hurts and disappointments.

Change is hard and our most intimate relationships are often the catalyst for us to become the best we can be. I am committed to helping you reach those goals and create a loving, respectful and vibrant relationship. Where your relationship is a sanctuary from life's stresses.

Common issues Partners have struggled with:
  • Constant arguing and bickering.
  • Sensitivity to emotional expression of their partner.
  • Infidelity.
  • Withdrawal and lack of participation.
  • Defensive responses.
  • Lack of respect for their partners experience.
  • Feeling responsible for their partner or dependent on their partner for their well being.
  • Ambivalent about being in the relationship or out of the relationship.
  • Criticism and complaining.
  • Lack of affection and intimacy.
  • Difficulty with differences and limitations.
  • Boundaries - loosing sense of self or hiding behind a protective wall.
  • Difficulties with expressing desires to their partner.
  • Distance, lack of affection, feeling disconnected.
  • Not making time for each other.
  • Torn between in-laws and partner.
Experienced with
  • Heterosexual.
  • Open/non-monogamous/polyamourous
  • Blended Families
  • Cross Cultural

Welcome to my YouTube Channel

I started this channel to promote content on relationships and mental health struggles that made sense of that in the context of what has happened to us.  Rather than what we call the disease model that sees emotional and mental challenges as something inherent broken in the person.

If this interests you I hope you will join me to make sense of this together.

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