Transformational moments

Delyse Ledgard, RCCTherapy process

When transformation happens, in some way, we transcend the limitations of who we are or how we are living and experience a kind of waking up to ourselves and life.  It can feel like a jolt into a new perspective or a series of moments where something has been slowly unfolding into our consciousness.  We can notice habits can be broken, and we can let go of our rigid and protective self limiting ways.  Creativity, possibilities, flexibility and empowerment are possible in the experience of these transformational moments.  What moments can you connect with lately that have been transformational?   It doesn’t have to be a big ah ha to have this effect.

The more you can experience these moments and feel them in your body (sensations, emotions), movement (gestures,actions) and thoughts (meaning, images) the more you will integrate the change.

 Here are some aspects of transformation

  • Experience more of who we truly are with a new experience of ourselves or others that enhances our lives.
  • We experience an increase in self-awareness.
  • There is more ease and relaxation as a result.
  • It usually occurs at a point where something becomes intolerable.
  • It takes awareness and courage to risk discomfort and vulnerability.
  • It is up to us, we are involved in the process. We need a certain amount of will and determination. It doesn’t just happen to us.
  • There is no particular way it will happen. We can be receptive to the moment as well as persistent over time and both can end in transformative experiences.
  • What needs to be transformed in each of us is unique to that moment and time.  No-one else can direct our transformative change.