Let Us Work Together

Life can be tough, but you don't have to face it alone.  At Turning Point Therapy, we are committed to providing you with a comfortable space and personalized approach, where our experienced therapists will guide you to greater self-awareness and resilience.

We understand how difficult it can be to reach out and choose a counsellor.  It is common to feel uncomfortable talking about yourself or to feel afraid that you are going to be taken over by painful feelings. This is often why we put it off until things get desperate or at a crisis point. You may have noticed that avoidance doesn't change the pain and unhappiness you have been carrying. You can distract for a while but one way or another those things you have been working hard to not think about find their way back.

With a compassionate and skilled therapist by your side, you can gain valuable insights and develop a relationship to yourself of acceptance and compassion.  Experience tells us that once you make that call there can be a sense of relief knowing you are on the way to making a change and a journey of self discovery.

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Our Approach

Turning Point Therapy has a team of  experienced therapists and interns who are passionate about their practice and what therapy has to offer.  We all know firsthand the value of the therapeutic relationship through our own work. In addition, we continue to study and maintain ongoing training in order to provide you with the best service possible. 

We practice therapy that includes the following principles and practices.


We welcome and respect diversity and your rights to determine who and how you love. That race, gender, abilities, sexual preference, and age are some of the differences that add to a richness of experience and talent. We acknowledge the impact of a system that discriminates against those it sees as less than, unworthy, defective, and un-entitled to succeed.  In our work with you and in our lives we endeavour to work towards a world where the legacy of oppression and caste is no longer felt and everyone is honoured for their contribution and unique being.


We see the importance of relationships to all humans. That it is through a relationship with you that you can experience safety, compassion, acceptance, and healing.  We also recognize that your deepest wounds have occurred in relationship and therefore believe that the relationship between us provides the opportunity to create a new experience of connection where you have the opportunity to relax into who you are meant to be.


We believe that change occurs through an awareness of experience that only comes alive in the present moment. In this way, all of your previous experience affects how you experience yourself and others in the present moment. It is because of this we start with bringing awareness to what is arising in the present to heal the ways you may be stuck with the legacy of your past. Neuroscience research also informs us that emotions are key to integrating new information and therefore key to any transformational experience.


This refers to an aspect of the type of relationship we want to cultivate with you. We view the relationship as a partnership where we work together to figure out what you need. As we seek to invite you, not tell you, to involve you, not disregard you, and to follow your agenda, not ours.


Connection to our bodies relates in part to the focus on the present moment.  Embodied means that your sensations, emotions, and movement are crucial to understanding your experience. Part of the practice is helping you to be centered and grounded so that you can integrate your experience more successfully. We also understand that past wounds and traumas are held in the body .


We see your struggles in the context of managing difficult circumstances, and traumas you have encountered. Rather than something that is wrong with you, and we reframe your experience as having to encounter and manage, the disturbance and chaos that has surrounded you. The focus is on your strengths, resources, and developing new skills.

Counselling provides a path to your authentic self

Individual (Trauma) Counselling

Contrary to what you might hear therapy doesn't have a time limit.  Not because we want you to stay in therapy for the rest of your life but rather because humans don't work like that. We are all unique individuals with our own struggles, speed, and a multitude of factors that influence how we process things and heal the pain we are carrying. 

Therapy is a relationship within which you can find what matters to you, find your energy for life, and connect to your authentic self. 

Please explore the information on the website about some of the issues we work with to help you choose your counsellor.  We are also open to questions and inquiries.

Learn More About Trauma Counselling

Couples Counselling

We honour the many ways to love and be in a relationship, including and not limited to;

  • Heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bi-, queer, and questioning,
  • Cis, non-binary, trans-gendered, or gender nonconforming
  • Monogamous, polyamorous,
  • Married, unmarried, with children, and without

    Learn About Couples Counselling

    Low Cost Counselling

    Our intern counsellors are trained in basic counselling skills offering you an empathic space to listen to you, connect with your experience, and provide guidance in connecting with your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour.  They come from diverse backgrounds but usually do not have specific in-depth training yet in any particular approach but may have an interest in the kinds of approaches their supervisor (Delyse Ledgard) practices.  They receive close supervision and training as they finish their training with us.

    They can provide a counselling relationship to offer support around many struggles including relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, and childhood trauma.  Some of our interns also provide couples counselling.

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