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Providing Counselling in Vancouver and North Delta

Do you feel apprehensive about seeing a therapist? This could be because many people still see counselling as a weakness. It might be something you suggest to a friend who is going through a difficult time, but hard to give yourself the same advice.

Most people explore counselling when they feel desperate, and have reached the limits of how to handle life's challenges. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out and we are here to help.

At Turning Point, we are committed to providing you with a safe and accepting space to reflect, learn, grow, and heal.

We have 2 locations. Downtown Vancouver serving clients in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby. North Delta serving clients in the Fraser Valley including Surrey, Langley, and Richmond.

Breath, Reflect, Heal

Who We Are and Our Approach

Turning Point Therapy has a team of dedicated therapists and interns who are passionate about their practice and what therapy has to offer.  We have all been there and value the therapeutic relationship for enabling each one of us to transform the wounded parts of us and the move passed the struggles we have had in life.

We practice a style of therapy that includes the following principles and practices.


We welcome and respect diversity and the rights of individuals to determine who and how they love. That race, gender, abilities, sexual preference, and age are some of the differences that add to a richness of experience and talent. We acknowledge the impact of a system that discriminates against those it sees as less than, unworthy, defective, and un-entitled to succeed.  In our work with you and in our lives we endeavour to work towards a world where the legacy of oppression and caste is no longer felt and everyone is honoured for their contribution and unique being.


We see the importance of relationships to all humans. That it is through a relationship that we can experience safety, compassion, acceptance, and healing.  We also recognize that our deepest wounds have occurred in a relationship and therefore believe that the relationship between you and your therapist is foundational to creating a new experience of connection where you have the opportunity to relax into who you are meant to be.


We believe that change occurs through an awareness of experience that only comes alive in the present moment. In this way, all of your previous experience affects how you experience yourself and others in the present moment. It is because of this we start with bringing awareness to what is arising in the present to heal the ways we may be stuck with the legacy of our past. Neuroscience research also informs us that our emotions are key to integrating new information and therefore key to any transformational experience.


Connection to our bodies relates in part to the focus on the present moment.  Embodied means that we bring attention to sensations, emotions, and movement as different parts of our experience. As therapists, we take in all levels of communication including somatic. Part of the practice is being centered and grounded so that we can integrate our experience more successfully. We also understand that our past wounds and traumas are held in the body and so releasing this needs to include our physical self as well as our cognitive self.


This refers to an aspect of the type of relationship we want to cultivate with you. We view the relationship as a partnership where we work together to figure out what you need. As we seek to invite you, not tell you, to involve you, not disregard you, and to follow your agenda, not ours.


We see your struggles in the context of managing difficult circumstances, and traumas you have encountered. Rather than something that is wrong with you, and we reframe your experience as having to encounter and manage, the disturbance and chaos that has surrounded you. The focus is on your strengths, resources, and developing new skills.

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