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Individual (Trauma) Counselling

We specialize in trauma counselling.  Individuals who come to us are often struggling with, CPTSD, anxiety, childhood trauma/abuse, self-esteem, boundaries, and disconnection or emotional overwhelm.   

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Couples Counselling

We provide Couples counselling. Partners are often working on  communication, conflict and arguing, betrayal and mistrust, lack of connection, stuck going over unresolved issues, or intimacy and sex.
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Low Cost Counselling

Counselling with our interns. Reduced cost.

They can provide support around many struggles including relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, and childhood trauma.  

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We run workshops on:

How to Reduce Reactivity in Relationships.

Upcoming dates in May.

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    Our Approach To Counselling

    At Turning Point Therapy, our dedicated counsellors bring a rich mosaic of therapeutic approaches to our practice. Here are some of the main ones.

    • Somatic Therapy
    • Psychodynamic
    • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
    • Gestalt
    • EMDR
    • Focusing
    • Internal Family Systems
    • Relational Life Therapy
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy

    Our team of skilled therapists and counsellors bring years of experience and compassion to every session ensuring you feel heard, understood and empowered.   Choosing us means taking a step towards healing and growth in a safe, welcoming environment.

    Our principles and practices.

    • Anti-Discrimination
    • Relational
    • Experiential
    • Collaborative
    • Embodied
    • Non-pathologizing

    Counselling provides a path to your authentic self

    More On Trauma Counselling

    When you have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect when you are young, the consequences run deep. You have fewer inner resources to deal with the impact, which can lead to unhealthy ways of dealing with the pain, such as addictions, self-harm, destructive relationships, and isolation.

    Trauma can therefore show up in any area of your life and not be obvious to you that it is unprocessed  trauma you are being driven by.

    Our goal is to provide you with attention, acceptance, and presence so that you can process traumatic experiences and strengthen your natural instincts and resilience. 

    This is where we start, with you, listening deeply, curious to understand, and guiding a way through.

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    More On Couples Counselling

    Couples counselling can be daunting and feel vulnerable. Partners can be concerned that conflict will increase and they will end up arguing in the session, or the therapist will take sides.

    However, couples have reported that it has been easier to talk about difficult subjects, are less reactive and begin to develop more trust in sessions.

    In Couples Counselling we :

    • Develop a picture of each person's contribution and the work they need to do.
    • Learn about the patterns and interactions you are stuck in.
    • Learn to repair and negotiate your needs with healthy communication.
    • Create better boundaries and self-esteem.
    • Work through family of origin legacies.
    We Welcome Partners Who Identify As

    Lesbian, gay, bi-, queer, and questioning
    Cis, non-binary, trans-gendered, or gender nonconforming
    Polyamorous, consensual-non monogamy, kink

    Our Counselling in Vancouver Covers


    When we have unresolved trauma in our system we have a tendency to under-react to what is abnormal (rage, abuse, neglect) and over-react to what is normal (misunderstandings, being late, emotions, not being heard).


     Dissociation is a strategy learned through ongoing childhood abuse and neglect that can persist into adulthood and will affect folks as if danger is still present, continuing to shut off parts of your experience and interrupt your ability to be present in your life.


    Anxiety can affect many areas of our lives.

    Social life, relationships, work life and study, and decision-making to name a few.

    Childhood Trauma

     Betrayals in family relationships can lead to beliefs that;

    Relationships are unsafe, you do not matter, tendency to blame yourself and difficulty managing emotions.


    Many of our clients have struggled with a harsh critic or perfectionist part that rules their life and causes them to feel unworthy, or there is something wrong with them.


    The pain of infidelity can feel like your world has been turned upside down. It is possible to recover and move on to create healthy relationships.

    Take time to process what has happened.

    Emotional dysregulation

    This can include being overwhelmed by emotions, or feeling numb and cut off from your emotions.

    You may have challenges around anger or vulnerable feelings such as hurt or sadness.


    Many of our counsellors have experience and interest in working with folks that live with various developmental conditions such as ADHD and Autism.

    Attachment Struggles

    When we come into relationships having learned either to avoid love and intimacy or loose our connection to our experience to maintian the relationship are examples of attachment difficulties.

    Narcisisstic Abuse

    Our therapists have experience with narcissism and how this affects the dynamics of relationships. Simply Narcissism is seeing oneself as special as a way of protecting against shame and guilt.

    Relational Reactivity

    We provide couples counselling and workshops that address reducing reactivity in relationships.


    If you want to improve your communication it is often about what gets in the way of good communication.   Learn about how to develop trust and safety in communication.

    Meet Turning Point Therapy's Counsellors


    This is really important. We don't match you to a counsellor because it has to be your choice.

    That is what is mean't by a good fit.  The foundation for therapy is a relationship and when a relationship is the most beneficial, it is when we have chosen to be there.  It is no different in therapy.

    We provide you with support to make that decision in the following ways.

    • Information on choosing a counsellor
    • A team of counsellors with different styles and approaches.
    • Counsellors BIO's to provide you with information.
    • Up to 2 free consultations to help you decide.
    • If it still doesn't feel right - you can choose a different counsellor.

    Michelle Carchrae

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    Certified Focusing Practitioner
    Online Only

    Read Michelle's Bio

    Tamsen Simon

    Reduced fees
    In-person and online.

    Read Tamsen's Bio
    couples counsellor

    Alisa Chirpicinic

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    In-person and online.

    Read Alisa's Bio

    Jodie Read

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    EMDR Trained Practitioner
    In-person and online.

    Read Jodie's Bio

    Kellie Shamenski

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    EMDR Trained Practitioner
    In-person and online.

    Read Kellie's Bio
    Ella Bolourian

    Ella Bolourian

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    Certified AEDP Therapist
    Online only

    Read Ella's Bio
    aron counsellor

    Aron Buky-Tompa

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    In-person and online.

    Read Aron's Bio
    Picture of Delyse Ledgard clinical director of Turning Point Therapy.

    Delyse Ledgard

    Registered Clinical Counsellor
    Clinical Director/Owner
    In-person and online.

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    Lo Laurin

    Lo Laurin

    Intern Counsellor
    In-person and online.

    Read Lo's Bio
    counselling intern

    Sarah Jamieson

    Intern Counsellor
    Practicum ends May 2024
    In-person and online.

    Read Sarah's Bio
    Intern Counsellor

    Amanda Herron

    Intern Counsellor
    Internship ends May 2024
    In-person and online.

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      Why Work With Us?

      We've all been there.

      We know how difficult it can be to reach out for help.

      All of our therapists do their ongoing work so that we can be present to you.  We also all know how vulnerable it can feel to talk about yourself or to feel afraid that you are going to be taken over by painful feelings. This is often why we put it off until things get desperate or at a crisis point. You may have noticed that avoidance doesn't change the pain and unhappiness you have been carrying. You can distract for a while but one way or another those things you have been working hard to not think about find their way back.

      We receive expert training. 


      It doesn't just stop at getting a degree.  That is just where it starts. To become the best at what we do, we keep learning and studying and getting in-depth training to deepen our skills.

      We provide you with a choice

      We have several therapists with different styles and approaches.  We provide up to 2 free consultations to meet with different counsellors so you can get the right fit for you before you start.  Read up on our suggestions for choosing a counsellor.
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