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About Me

Welcome to my practice. I am a second year Master student in Counselling Psychology at Adler University. Before we begin this journey together, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge your presence and courage, for the fact that you are here, taking the time and energy to invest in yourself and your future healing. I know from personal experience the feeling of apprehension and vulnerability when sitting before a total stranger and sharing your anxieties and struggles. I commend you for taking this first step, and I hope I can be a source of great assistance along the way.

This little biography is intended to give you an introduction into who I am and the counselling process. I hope it will help you to consider if I am the right fit for your needs, and prepare you to begin your counselling sessions with a comforted mind.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by people, relationships, and the impact of positive change. Growing up in a small seaside village in China, I developed a deep appreciation for connecting with nature, people, and the power of a supportive community. When I became an adult, I decided to pursue that fascination and evolve it into a career that would help others and give back to my community. I then later came to Canada and completed my BA in psychology and educational counselling at Simon Fraser University.

Over the past five years, I worked as a Rehabilitation worker whose role was to support people from different cultural backgrounds that were facing physical and mental health issues. My experiences in dealing with the diverse challenges that individuals were facing were remarkably educational. Despite the hurt, loss, frustration, and fear that my clients struggled with I also bore witness to people’s powerful abilities to heal and re-write their own life stories.

My Therapeutic Perspective

My counselling approach is relationally based with a focus on a somatic awareness to bring congruency between the body and mind. Many of our wounds occur within our most trusted relationships causing us to have difficulties getting close to loved ones, friends and colleagues. Also, we become disconnected from ourselves when we experience trauma or disruptions in relationships. Experience has shown me the value of a healing connection to help us move passed these wounds. My job as a student counsellor will be to create a safe and nurturing relationship with you, so you can allow yourself to explore new possibilities, discover choices that you may not have known you had, and ultimately to heal. Additionally, I will be working closely with my supervisor, Delyse Ledgard, to ensure the effectiveness of each counseling session.

I believe the path to a meaningful and intentional life emerges when we accept where we are at, expand on our capacity to create our truth and commit to mindful actions. I want to invite you to meet with me for a session, and together maybe we can discover the new possibilities within you.

Linda sees clients in Vancouver on Monday morning.

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