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About Me

From a young age, I was fascinated by human connection, development, and interaction. I had always known that the adversities I faced in life would strengthen my capacity and aspirations to contribute to the process of healing and growth in others. After obtaining a diploma in Outdoor Recreation Business Management, I spent three years traveling across Canada attending various universities. Eventually, I settled back down in my hometown of North Vancouver to give birth to my daughter and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Simon Fraser University. Currently, I am completing my master’s in counselling at City University.

In the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations in varying supportive capacities. As a private, behavioural interventionist and consultant I worked with families who had a child(ren) with behavioural and developmental challenges. I’ve also been employed with a school district, supporting students and collaborating with families and faculty. More recently, I have been working in case management, recovery, and trauma with survivors of human trafficking. I am passionate about working with, empowering, and supporting vulnerable populations. Through my professional and educational experiences, I have had the opportunity to study and work with a variety of personal and interpersonal issues; including, personal growth, trauma, disordered eating, suicide, borderline personality, anxiety, and stress. In my personal life, I adore being a mother, enjoy running, weight lifting, and attending special events around the city with my daughter.

Therapeutic Perspective

The nature of life’s experiences and living can be exceptionally fulfilling and at the same time provoke incredible challenges that can evoke internal chaos. We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we do have control over how we address, engage with, and conquer these challenges.

I believe that therapy is a place of healing, learning, and growth. My approaches are based upon supporting the needs and goals of each client who courageously takes the initiative to reach out for support. I aim to create a safe, trusting space in therapy facilitated through non-judgemental and non-pathologizing approaches. As such, my approaches are client-centered and individualized to the uniqueness of each person. I provide avenues to explore these difficulties and empower clients through strengthening their personal resources and resiliency, so they are better equipped to work through adversities in life, and ultimately experience greater life fulfillment.

I am an advocate of exploring and applying holistic approaches and integrating mindfulness throughout the therapeutic process by offering a diverse set of techniques and interventions to fit the needs of clients best. I believe the roots of mindfulness help us to connect and understand ourselves and others; providing a base from which to ground oneself in the adversities that life challenges us with.

Areas of Practice, Study, and Interest: Trauma, stress and anxiety, relationships, life transition, addiction,
disordered eating, personal growth, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Somatic Psychotherapy.

Jodie is accepting clients on Tuesday Morning and Saturday.

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