Enna Berg – Intern

What I Believe About Change

The process of counselling is something that makes me feel most alive and engaged. I feel honoured to be trusted to hear your personal story. I believe that relationship is transformational. It is within relationship that we come to know ourselves, what we value, our beliefs, habits, and interpersonal patterns.

The relationship between you and I, as counsellor and client, can be a great catalyst for change and healing if the fit between us is right. I believe that you have most of the skills and answers within you to achieve what you need in your life and it is our job together to discover and grow those parts of yourself and to address patterns that don’t serve you well anymore. My goal is to create a safe space for you to simply be who you are and to heal. My wish for you is that you will be able to be your most authentic and congruent self so that you can have the most healthy and fulfilling life possible. I believe that my being empathic and present with your experience is at the root of what makes this effective.

A part of healing is awareness of yourself and I believe that the body holds a lot of very important information about our experience from things as simple as “when I’m anxious I feel a fidgety energy in my arms and tap my fingers” to the complexity of how trauma and disruptive experiences are held in the body. When we gently turn your attention to your body we slow down and can experience valuable unfelt emotional and physical information. I also enjoy experiential learning because I have found that it can help us to see who we are and face how we exist in the world in a way that we can otherwise often avoid.

I have found that taking some time to focus your attention on yourself and your struggles and strengths can create a catalyst for positive growth in your life and I hope we can create that together. Change is hard work and I want to support you through it.

About Me:

I am a student at Adler University in my Masters of Clinical Psychology. I practice from a relational approach and I bring a focus to somatic awareness and include experiential learning. I have a genuine and expressive energy and I am very caring and honest. Through my work with children with disabilities, queer youth, and adult women escaping abuse I have seen how profoundly our pain effects us and that having support can make a big difference.

I have wanted to be a counsellor since I was 15 years old after spending some time living in Indonesia with a woman who helped other women escape and recover from human trafficking. I have attended my own counselling which has been very helpful in working through my own trauma’s, identity, and grief issues. I believe in this because I have done it and I have seen it work for others around me. I enjoy dancing, singing, and other creative pursuits and fill my life with learning and the people who are most important to me.

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