Ella Bolourian


My Approach to Therapy

At the heart of my work is the firm belief that we are all hard wired with self-righting tendencies and for overcoming obstacles that block our potential for growth and healing. In creating a therapeutic relationship with you I simply become a catalyst for such exploration and change that can lead to a transformation in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

My sessions with you will be based on the core values of connectedness, engagement, listening, and responsiveness.  We will work together to create a safe and secure therapeutic relationship. As this safe and secure relationship is established, emotions, sensations, thoughts, and unconscious material can be explored, experienced, and processed.

Through deep connection to these internal processes, we will cultivate ways to bypass self-limiting emotional and behavioural patterns so you can function more effortlessly and authentically in life.  Such state opposes chronic self-shame, depression and anxiety. This will allow you to move forward with vitality in life and a clearer sense of connection to yourself and others.

I work with clients who struggle with different issues, however I am most passionate helping clients with attachment traumas as I believe are the root cause of losing the authentic self within us. I believe there is so much vitality and engagement when we live our authentic self, however, attachment traumas and past experiences with our caregivers can lead to shutting down of part of that our true self that was not accepted by the people we needed the most as children.

Attachment traumas lead us to disconnect from those feelings that were not encouraged in childhood, and we may end up disconnecting from authentic parts of ourselves. I myself grew up in a family where the mind was encouraged over matter. In learning to be the “logical, wise and accommodating child” I disowned my authentic feelings, and the opportunity to unleash the vitality and gist that existed in my core self. I learned, through my personal journey of exploration and failed marriage, to live my authentic self. For the same reason I grew a passion for helping people become their authentic selves. Being “real,” or authentic, just feels good. And it leads to all sorts of good things: connection, compassion, calm, creativity, courage, and confidence.

Modality Orientation:

I believe each client is unique and each client has her or his own concerns and needs. It is because of this uniqueness that I approach every session from several therapeutic approaches to meet the best interest of my clients. However, I feel most inspired by Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a healing-oriented, attachment-based, affectively-focused mind/body mindfulness treatment that puts neuroscience and positive neuroplasticity into clinical action.

Background Information

I have been drawn to the field of psychology and psychotherapy my whole life. This deep interest led me to attain my Bachelor’s in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver nine years ago. I completed a Master’s in communication after, however, continued my passion in psychotherapy and enrolled in the Master’s of counselling psychology program at City University of Seattle in Vancouver. Also, for the last couple of years I have been collaborating with G.V. Counselling and Education Society for Families and led by my passion for neuroscience and child psychology, I have been offering parenting workshops to immigrant families. I feel blessed every day for having the opportunity to do work that is enriching and meaningful and that fuels my deepest passion. I feel honoured and humbled to serve every individual who comes through my door.

Ella is available to take new clients and works on Sunday and Thursday

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