Ella Bolourian

My Approach to Therapy

I believe in an innate ability of all humans for growth. Under the difficult situation, people may employ coping strategies that might affect the only response available to them at the time. However, these so-called “automatic responses” may become habitual and may not always serve people as they did in the past. Therefore, my role becomes to encourage and empower my clients to release these restrictive emotional-behavioral patterns that hinder well-being in the present. By becoming aware of the underlying nature or motive of the defences, I hope to work with clients to shed their habitual reactions while embracing the challenges of life as positive opportunities for growth and change.

My approach to therapy is interactive, attachment-oriented, systemic and experiential. I care about having an accepting and warm presence, creating a safe space for my clients with the hope to help them experience many of the emotions, thoughts, and sensations that might have been unacknowledged. My goal is then to collaborate with clients to enable self-reflection and understanding of one’s inner experiences, integrating them into a whole self and allowing future choices based on one’s authentic values.

I believe each client is unique and have their very own specific concerns and needs. It is because of this uniqueness that I would like to approach every session with a diverse set of therapeutic lenses while having the best interest of the client in mind. Despite my integrative approach to counselling, I feel most inspired with the following theoretical lenses that rather shape my orientation. These lenses include psychodynamic approaches like Object Relations and Metallization-Based therapies, humanistic-existential, experiential therapies like Emotion-Focused Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical behavior therapy, trauma-informed therapies such as somatic experiential and also strength-based approaches like narrative and solution-focused therapy.

Background Information

I have been drawn to the field of psychology and psychotherapy my whole life. This deep interest led me to study psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver 9 years ago. I completed a Masters in Communication after, however, few years into working I decided to continue my passion in psychotherapy, and therefore I enrolled in a Counselling Psychology program at the City University of Seattle in Vancouver. I am currently in the process of completing my degree to become a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Also, for the last couple of years I have been collaborating with a counselling agency and led by my passion for neuroscience and child psychology, I have been offering parenting workshops to immigrant families. I feel blessed every day for having the opportunity to follow my passion in a filed that grants me the chance to experience deep interpersonal connections with people either in the therapy room with clients or outside therapy with my colleagues.

Ella is available to take new clients and works on Sunday.

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