My perspective on Therapy

Coming to therapy involves committing to yourself--whether that is for change in areas of your life that are no longer serving you, or for growth and maintenance in other areas that you would like to strengthen. I, as the therapist, am committed to your process and want to make sure that you get the most out of our time together.

I view therapy as a reconnection of what truly matters in your life and bringing awareness around the blocks that impede that experience. Your experience includes --your unique history, personality, and way of viewing the world that makes you the expert on your life; I am here to help you help yourself, and will adapt my assistance to your needs. The framework for this collaborative approach is eclectic, including experiential, relational, client-centered, emotion-focused, and mindfulness-based psychodynamic therapies. Past events, present concerns, and future possibilities are explored in a holistic manner that can shed light and understanding to facilitate a more connected sense of self.

What to expect from our time together

The length of therapy varies from person-to-person, based on what is presented to work with and your desired goals. Our first session together will be the means in which we discover what that is. From there, suggestions of how to go about it will be discussed and what time commitments that might require. We will review how things are working for you as we go along.

My background and interests

Before pursuing counselling as a career, I was completing a Masters of Urban Studies program at SFU, fascinated by how thoughtfully planned infrastructure can facilitate healthier lifestyles. Halfway through the program, my interests became more personal, as I recognized the importance of attending to one’s inner life as paramount for establishing a more connected society. An opportunity to put my studies on hold and volunteer at a wellness center in Costa Rica came up, and I jumped at it. That year turned into a staff position as a full-time group and one-on-one facilitator, leading to two more years abroad before coming back to Vancouver. While deeply grateful for the experiences, I began to appreciate the necessity for multiple approaches to work with each client. Being a firm believer in continual personal work and self-inquiry, I am continually looking for more ways to promote deeper connections that inspire an integrated life. Currently completing my Masters in Counselling at CityU, my passion for this profession is expanding daily with my desire to grow as a therapist and fellow citizen, knowing that our interests are shared and mutually reinforcing."

David is available on Tuesday and Saturday.

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