Thank you for considering me. I recognize the courage it takes to seek help and make the commitment to work towards lasting change.

My Background and Experience:

Very early on in my life, I developed a deep interest in psychology and human interaction. Over the years this interest grew as I witnessed how incredibly resilient humans can be and the profound impact our psychological well-being can have on our ability to feel wholly engaged and present in our lives. Before entering the counselling field, I have spent the past 24 years researching new treatments for a whole range of chronic diseases and infections and obtained my Ph. D. investigating gene therapeutics in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UBC. During my life in the medical field, I came to understand how profound the mind-body connection is, and ultimately decided to shift my focus towards helping people with their mental health struggles through counselling. My passion for this field further developed having faced some tough challenges of my own, and now would like to share the gift of counselling with others who might need it.

I am currently a student in the Master of Counselling program at Adler University Vancouver. I have Gottman level I training certification for couples and have specialized training to conduct career counselling and interpretation of a range of career-related assessments. In my practice, I will also bring my strong analytical skills and creativity, which I have honed conducting biomedical research. I believe that everyone has a unique story to tell and I will work to suit your therapy specifically to your own individual story.

Being married with young children myself, I also offer my first-hand life experiences managing and adjusting to all of the complexities of family life. Also, I bring the experience of being a South Asian woman and the significant cross-cultural challenges that individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds face. I am completely fluent in Punjabi and can converse in Hindi.

A few areas that I am particularly interested in include the mind-body connection, cross-cultural issues and helping to remove systemic barriers that can disempower people and impact their mental health.

When I’m not working or studying, I am spending it with my family and friends, cooking, reading, doing yoga or in the studio working on ceramics.

My Approach to Therapy:

My focus as a therapist is to provide you with a safe space where you can feel free to speak your truth and explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment. The process involves working alongside you with your guidance on where you would like to focus your attention. We will work to identify and work through debilitating thoughts and feelings, emotional blocks and traumatic experiences so that you can engage with your present life more authentically and wholeheartedly. Its normal to feel like the obstacles are insurmountable right now, however, with your commitment and courage combined with my counselling knowledge and life experience, together we can achieve a lot.

I endeavor to continuously gain and develop knowledge in the counselling field to ensure I can be as effective as possible for you.

Thank you again for considering me to join you on your journey.

Ammen works on Tuesday in the Vancouver Office and on Thursday in the North Delta office.

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